Recoil + Compression: 3/4 Length Pants
Recoil + Compression: 3/4 Length Pants

Recoil + Compression: 3/4 Length Pants

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The Athleform Recoil + Compression product line of advanced compression garments offers a patented design technology that enhances an athlete's ability to snap-back during specific ballistic movements and generate more speed and power. The benefits carry over to performance gains and injury prevention as more functional strength is available for stabilizing form and posture. Together the compression and recoiling support and enhance athletic movements.

  • Patented Recoil Technology compresses, stores and directs energy for more speed and power. It also helps stabilize form and posture during rotational and counter-rotational movements.
  • Advanced Compression made from an extremely strong and elastic yarn that is soft to the touch and resistant to tears. This ensures that the product remains strong, compressive and effective without being restrictive. Benefits include: reduced muscle fatigue, strain prevention, lower risk of muscle soreness, increased power and stability, better muscle oxygenation, comfort, improved strength recovery, better recovery after strenuous exercise, and better shoulder and groin support.
  • Ultra Mesh technology is made with a durable venting fabric that is stitched along strategic areas to maximize breathability.
  • Fabric is a high quality antibacterial blend consisting of 27% elastane and 73% polyester that is machine washable.
Sizing Chart:
  • Athleform compression garments are designed to be worn tight like a second skin.  This tight fit is required to provide maximum compression benefit for your muscles. Please ensure that you follow the sizing guide to find your best fit: