Five Sports Best Suited to Athleform Recoil + Compression

Athleform Recoil + Compression gear was designed initially to enhance fast bowling in the sport of cricket; to give the athlete a support system that would increase pace and accuracy on the day of competition and improve injury prevention and recovery. However, after testing with athletes across of cross section of international and professional sports, we discovered the gear could fill a void in any sport that involves head and shoulder separation.

Here’s a look at five sports where athlete's would benefit from using the patented Recoil + Compression system:

National Hockey League (NHL): Whether it’s a slap shot or wrist shot, the suit will improve the speed of the stick, creating faster and harder shots. The suit will keep hockey players’ posture in a neutral position which could prevent injury from hyperextension after a collision. It will also assist braced positions when getting checked as players will be in a favourabale position to react faster because of better posture.

Major League Baseball (MLB): The same movement from cricket applies to the sport of baseball and pitchers will see a benefit in the speed they throw at between 1-3 miles per hour. The suit is ideal for pitching as it improves posture and keeps the pitcher’s form steady, longer which initiates the movement of swing -- harder, faster. For hitters, the suit will increase bat speed, make hits go further, and would be ideal for the athlete looking to gain that extra 3 percent to hit more home runs.  

National Football League (NFL): Quarterbacks will see the most benefit in American football. The suit will help the QB gain greater distance, extra velocity, in throws like Hail Marys, with a quick release and harder throw. For shorter throws it means QB’s can hit targets quicker and more accurately.

International Cricket (ICC): Fast bowlers will see improvement in pace and accuracy with an increase in speed of an estimated average of 1-3 miles per hour. The suit will offer the support the bowler needs, improving efficiency and aiding over extension with the follow through. Batsmen will notice shots going the extra distance for harder hitting. And fielders will see quicker releases and accurate throws.

Professional Tennis (ATP/WTA): The serve swing, backhand and forehand motion is similar to a throw but with a racquet. Tennis players should see an improvement in all areas of their game when trying to hit a winner or dish up an ace. Serves will be faster and players will gain an extra 1-3 miles per hour on their serve on average.

Want to try the Athleform Recoil + Compression in a sport not listed here? Use the #Athelform hashtag to reach us on social media and share your journey.