Athleform LABS: Recoil + Compression Wear & Care Instructions

How to Wear

Athleform's state-of-the-art Recoil + Compression base layers are designed to conform to the uniqueness of your body with every use. Initially, it may feel restricting but stay patient, the product will adjust and shape itself the more you move in it. The snug fit is necessary to act as a performance layer to optimize ballistic body movements and enhance the injury prevention benefits of the product.

Here are our recommended guidelines on how to wear your Recoil + Compression base layer for optimal results:

  1. Wear before warm-up - Most athletes find it easier to put on their Athleform gear when their body is still dry.

  2. Recoil Zones on the outside -  Make sure the Recoil technology (the plastic part) is on the outside of the garment.  

  3. Tuck in the top - Recoil technology needs to anchor the shoulders with the hips.

  4. Tie it up - Use the drawstring provided on the shorts/longs to adjust so that it fits your waist comfortably.  This will also ensure that the top stays anchored.

  5. Break it in - You’ll need to play in the product a few times to get it to conform to your unique body.

The pictures below show how your new Athleform sportswear should look when worn properly.  Note the top is tucked into the bottom.

Care Instructions

Here are a few laundry tips for making sure your Athleform garment has a long and happy life:

  • Turn your R+C sportswear inside out, or put it in a wash bag, before washing.
  • Use mild detergents only.
  • Avoid tumble drying – hang it up and let it drip dry. 

Sizing Chart  

To make sure you order the correct size, refer to the Size Guide below. 

As a general rule, if you are at the borderline of a size boundary, or you want to wear your R+C garment primarily for recovery purposes, we suggest choosing the smaller size. Remember that Athleform sportswear needs to fit tightly to optimize your ballistic performance, so be patient while a new garment conforms to your body.

With proper care, your Athleform garment will protect your body and optimize your performance for a long time to come.  If you have additional questions about sizing or care, don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking HERE.