Athleform LABS: Quality Control & Performance Testing

Athleform products have been through an extensive development and prototyping process that lasted many years.   As part of the design phase, the Athleform LABS completed a rigorous quality control and testing process which was based on the performance of intermediate and elite athletes wearing Athleform gear to ensure that the RECOIL + COMPRESSION line is best suited to optimize athletic performance when it matters the most.


Testing was performed at Athleform LABS under real-world conditions. All athletes had >8 years of experience performing on a competitive level, both internationally and at a provincial/state and/or representative club level.  Variables were controlled for accurate testing. Data was not filtered or altered in any way. Throwing velocity was measured using a Radar gun by Stalker Sports & Swing speed radar by Sports Sensors

The testing protocol was as follows:

1) Warm up: jog and light stretching (10 minutes)

2) Dynamic stretching (5 minutes)

3) Warm-up: 6 throws/swings

4)  Rest (5 minutes)

5) Set of throw/swings (3 - 6 depending on the athlete’s preference)

6) Rest (5 minutes)

7) Set of throw/swings (3 - 6 depending on the athlete’s preference)

8) Repeat step 5-7 until the athlete gets tired  


As you’ll see below, the results were definitive:  Athleform’s unique RECOIL + COMPRESSION gear provides a significant boost to ballistic performance across a variety of activities.  Here’s how the performance of each of the four Athleform athletes improved:

Athlete 1:

stdv 2.047228091 1.4336932
Mean 65.59796519 68.18079665
Max 68.5 70.6
MIN 62.1 64.9
Percent Difference 3.94%

For Athlete 1, his mean throwing speed increased by nearly 4%.  Just for comparison, the current champion sprinter, Noah Lyles, has to cut his 100-meter time by just 3% to beat Usain Bolt’s world record.  A 4% edge in today’s fiercely competitive sports world is generally far beyond the threshold needed to be the best.  Let’s continue with Athlete 1…

stdv 2.924695908 3.708825234
Mean 71.86580727 74.5661302
Max 78 84
MIN 67 68
Percent Difference 3.76%

Again, nearly a 4% improvement in mean batting speed, and an eye-popping 7.7% improvement in maximum batting speed.  Extraordinary results for our R+C tech.  Woot!

Athlete 2:

You can see the amazing result for intermediate-skill Athlete 2 right in the chart:  his minimum throwing speed in the Athleform garment topped his maximum throwing speed without it. 

stdv 1.525435145 1.550053763
Mean 48.02385916 51.16498158
Max 50.3 54.8
MIN 45 48.5
Percent Difference 6.54%

Overall a sizzling 6.5% increase in mean throwing speed for Athlete 2, and nearly a 9% increase in maximum throwing speed!

Athlete 3:

stdv 1.11975272 1.446803981
Mean 56.4897693 58.81910377
Max 58.8 60.9
MIN 55 56.3
Percent Difference 4.12%


Athlete 3, a high-intermediate player, saw an increase in mean throwing speed of over 4% - a sizeable margin that was consistent across all our measurements.

Athlete 4:

stdv 1.708348876 2.006936501
Mean 70.95156094 72.95655452
Max 74.8 76.8
MIN 68.9 69.5
Percent Difference 2.83%


Athlete 4 is an elite-level athlete, so initial performance was already excellent, and the percentage improvement necessarily smaller.  But even for a high-octane sportsman like this, the R+C garment boosted his mean throwing speed by nearly 3% - an incredible margin at this level.

stdv 3.203927514 3.015113446
Mean 69.51535245 71.94164079
Max 74 77
MIN 64 66
Percent Difference 3.49%

Again, the remarkable improvement here was in maximum throwing speed:  over 4%.  R+C garments boost your highest highs!

Overall we’re incredibly excited about these results and hope you see what Athleform sportswear has the potential to do for you. 

We'll continue to expand this dataset as we test our products with more athletes, and let you know the results!