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Throw faster and swing harder to reach your full potential.

Athleform's RECOIL + COMPRESSION product line uses recoiling material with advanced compression fabrics and a patent-pending design to help store and convert otherwise wasted effort into more speed and power.

Athleform LABS: Recoil + Compression

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Athleform LABS: Wear & Care Instructions

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The product has FANTASTIC support and compression, It gets me warmed up quickly and feels great to train in, helping to deliver my punches with speed and power.

Kieran Gething - Super Lightweight Champion - Boxing Wales

A high quality product with support in key areas such as the shoulders and hips, helping to reduce overuse in soccer.  Our goalkeepers feel secure and are able to better activate their muscles when kicking and throwing.  Great product! Does what it says on the box.

Craig Brown - Athletic Trainer & Team Physiotherapist - Bermuda Soccer

Looking forward to serving aces with maximum speed and power on the court in the British Tour with the advanced Athleform Recoil + Compression Gear.  Stay tuned!

Marcus Meadows - Amateur Tennis Player & Fitness Trainer

Functional clothing with technology to help you achieve maximum performance. Also replaces the need for kinesiology tape! You can clearly feel the support it offers.

Jack Schram - Red Bull Crashed Ice

I love how well the tights fit and form to my body! I feel fluent and stable using Athleform gear during workouts!

Juwan Lewis - Quad City - American Football

Digging this compression gear so far. Comfortable and a great fit. Can’t wait to keep testing it out. The compression feels good and I do feel stronger and more responsive with it on.

Kirk Thornton - US Ice Cross

I found that Athleform products had a positive impact on my form, stability, and power. The recoil technology helped to reduce my risk of injury by keeping my body in optimal positions. I highly recommend Athleform products, they have a great look and feel and I look forward to using them further into this season and beyond.

Raza Rehman - Former International Cricketer

In terms of performance, this product was wonderful. I sprinted in it for an hour and experienced no riding up the leg. I felt warm and secure the whole time and the boning helped to ensure that I was able to perform longer without soreness. For fit, quality, and performance, I rate it 9/10.

Mattiron Fitness

After experiencing multiple injuries related to throwing, I appreciate the added support and stability provided by Athleform products. They are a staple in my training bag and I recommend them for athletes who are concerned about injuries due to the high amount of stress and potential overuse of their shoulders through repetitive overhand activity.

Zubin Surkari - Former International Cricketer